Data Vista Resources

Data Vista recognizes its customers’ need for successful, effective IT performance through optimal investment and allocation of their technology resources. That’s why we provide our clients with accomplished engineers, top quality parts, and efficient management processes to achieve that goal. We have established and continue to deliver a portfolio of solutions to meet the current and future strategic IT objectives of all our customers.

Call and Dispatch Center

The core of Data Vista’s service operations is our 24x7x365 call center and dispatch process. We utilize a full range of expert resources, processes, tools, and client information to provide the best customer service experience possible to our clients. This experience includes reduced personnel transfers, a more efficient service request process, and rapid diagnosis of problems with prompt resolutions.

Data Vista uses an enhancement entitlement process that includes:

  • Equipment scheduling data
  • Service level agreements
  • Product knowledge bases that expedite problem recognition and resolution paths

In most instances, Data Vista uses Tier Three, expert level technical support on the first call. As a result, most service requests can be diagnosed by the Data Vista technician initially answering the call without needing to be transferred to another Data Vista resource.

Recognizing the importance of equipment uptime, Data Vista employs a “Fix-It-First” philosophy to address problems. We investigate and address critical IT issues as they occur to ensure that your company continues its operations without delay. Only then are applicable charges or administrative next steps pursued.   

Field Engineering Resources

Data Vista’s provides nationwide coverage and skilled technical resources for the 48 contiguous United States and Alaska. Our technicians are OEM-trained and receive ongoing product training through OEM courses, as well as internal Data Vista cross training.

Our service locations are chosen according to proximity to customer sites and where growth in service opportunities is anticipated. Data Vista is always expanding its service area coverage and will establish a new site if customer requirements necessitate operations in the area.    

Parts Resources

To service existing and new maintenance agreements, Data Vista provides extensive parts resources:

  • 30,000 square foot parts warehouse in HQ facility, Bordentown, NJ location
  • Approximately 75,000 IT equipment parts  from most major manufacturers/models  
  • Parts maintained onsite at customer locations or a nearby public/private storage facility
  • Parts tested and bagged to ensure reliability

By placing parts at or near customer sites, Data Vista is able to minimize delays to replace failed components and further minimize equipment downtime. We assess what parts and part quantities to store near customer site depending on equipment model, configuration data, and known or expected mean time between failure rates. 

Infrastructure Resources

Data Vista leverages an integrated service infrastructure for delivery of services to its customers.

This includes a number of valuable assets including the following:

  • IT Infrastructure: Our main data center is in Bordentown, NJ with cloud-based resources for selected functions.  
  • Service Database: SAP software is used to record, process, track, analyze and monitor service call data.
  • Lab environments: All our troubleshooting, diagnostics, testing, development, and training operations take place in a dedicated, specialized environment.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: To maintain the availability of our infrastructure so that customers can continually rely on our services, we utilize backup-to-cloud resources for operations and customer data.  

Corporate Administrative Services

Data Vista’s executive staff and administrative support staff operates primarily from our Bordentown, New Jersey headquarters. This allows us to respond to and handle any customer support issues quickly for expedited resolution.


Service request

Telephone: (800) 797-3527     


Field Office and Technical Support Services

To operate the 24x7 Call Center, Data Vista utilizes staff and facilities in multiple locations:

  • Bordentown, NJ
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Quakertown, PA
  • Bothell, WA

Speak with a Tier-3 Support Specialist:

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USA & Canada Sales:
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