Customer Performance Reporting Goals

At Data Vista, we understand the importance of monitoring and reporting on IT performance through metrics. Performance measures supported by metrics assess progress toward the achievement of service delivery objectives.
These performance reporting objectives include:

  • Identifying, prioritizing, initiating and managing improvement initiatives
  • Implementing consistent monitoring to verify objectives as they are achieved
  • Eliminating¬† future risks or surprises

How Data Vista Supports Performance Reporting Goals

We provide detailed performance reporting to each of our customers in order to identify sources of problems, track results, provide trending data, suggest recommendations, and affect changes where necessary.

Examples of service performance criteria to be measured and reported by Data Vista are as follows:

  • Call Back Response Time
  • Remote Technical Support ¬†(average call hold time)
  • Onsite Problem Responsiveness
  • Parts Availability
  • Hardware Outages (duration of repair action)
  • On-site  Average Time to Repair
  • Root Cause Analysis reports
  • First Time Fix (percent of calls taken without a previous call)
  • Replacement Parts Used (identified by part number and description)
  • Preventive Measures (PM) Performed
  • Peak & Non-Peak Service Calls (monthly)
  • On-site Spare Parts Inventory (monthly)

Preview an example of a Data Vista performance report.

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Data Vista Performance Reporting