Customer Risk Management Goals

Regardless of industry, Data Vista has the capabilities to assist our customers by supporting their risk management objectives. These services include:

  • Standards used to identify potential risks
  • Means to assess and measure possible ┬árisks
  • Processes to mitigate and manage risks
  • Capabilities to communicate and resolve IT related risks

How Data Vista Supports Risk Management Objectives

Data Vista offers services and proactive measures to achieve the desired risk management results for each of our customers. Data Vista provides:

  • Service Level Management (SLM) processes to coordinates with risk of equipment outages
  • Problem Management processes to assess problems and quickly move to mitigate further escalation of those problems
  • Root Cause Analysis to determine how problems occurred and to identify what can be done differently to minimize the probability of reoccurrence
  • 24x7x365 access to technical personnel and parts onsite to maximize equipment uptime
  • Asset management audits and tracking services to improve asset accountability, minimize risk of asset loss and reduce overall costs
  • Secure data sanitization and equipment disposal solutions to comply with enterprise security and environmental policies, ensuring that no data accidentally falls into hands of unauthorized personnel.

For more information on our proactive risk management services, please contact us.

Data Vista Risk Management