Our Customer Value Goals

Data Vista offers the capabilities to optimize expenses and to realize the value in technology investments for our customers.  These services include:

  • IT enabled business investments that achieve the benefits as promised.
  • Measurable business value, both individually and collectively.
  • Required capabilities (solutions and services) delivered on time and within budget.
  • IT services and other IT assets that consistently contribute to business value.

How Data Vista Supports Value Objectives

  • Best of breed products offered at competitive prices and with short delivery time.
  • Asset life cycle services that enable customers to preserve investments in technology, and realize value in those investments over time.
  • Maintenance and other fees priced well below manufacturer rates while providing same or superior levels of quality service, and a high degree of flexibility in service options.
  • Variety of service programs that enable customers to meet SLA requirements while staying within budget constraints.
  • Delivery of services that monitors and compares customers’ expectations to ensure full compliance, identify areas of improvement, and recommend further improvements to service delivery.

For more information on our value realization services, please contact us.

Data Vista Value Realization