We’re often asked how our company and service offerings differ from similar vendors providing similar services to the same markets and, in some instances, same customers. The answer lies not only in the way we facilitate the technology life cycle, but also in our commitment to customers, our understanding of their business goals, and our core values

Life Cycle Services Differentiation

We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our ongoing involvement in each technology life cycle stage. By enabling customers to remain with Data Vista from initial product acquisition through final equipment disposal, or any stage within the cycle, we enable our customers to obtain the most value from their technology investment.

Understanding of Customer Business Goals

Regardless of company size, type of industry, or IT infrastructure, Data Vista offers products and services to meet the business goals of our customers. We develop and support programs that are in alignment with customers’ business goals, regardless of company size, type of industry, or IT infrastructure. We believe all of most customers view their IT infrastructure in the following terms.