Data Vista is continually adding new customer engagements, new product/service offerings, new partnerships, and other newsworthy activities.
Listed below is a chronology of these events.

Data Vista News

  • June 2020 – Data Vista reaches another milestone of an incident free work environment, with continued energy savings and environmental reductions. As an ISO14001, ISO45001 & R2:2013 certified company, Data Vista pro-actively seeks way to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, while maintaining our standards as a good corporate neighbor. We continue to embrace and enforce a safe and healthy work environment. Despite COVID-19, Data Vista’s internal protocols and initiatives, coupled with our position as an essential company, achieved full 24x7 Operations without issue or health impact during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Data Vista successfully completed our annual ISO45001 - ISO14001 - R2:2013 compliance audit for 2020. Data Vista would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to ALL EMPLOYEES for their attentiveness, hard work, training and participation. Renewing our certifications remains a value-add credential that separates Data Vista from our competitors and enables Data Vista to remain a preferred Reclamation Service Provider. This was a company-wide endeavor and Data Vista is truly proud of our entire team for earning this accomplishment.

  • Sales team welcomes Dave Byno to the Data Vista team as Director of Sales…
    Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and solution selling to Data Vista. He will be opening up new markets to Data Vista’s long-established service solutions. Dave has spent the last few decades selling third party support and managed services at companies like Sun, IBM and Curvature.

  • In an effort to demonstrate good corporate citizenship, Data Vista extend an offer of free computer / electronic equipment disposal services to the Mansfield, NJ municipalities. Additionally, Data Vista included free data destruction services with hard drives designated for scrap or disposal. Data Vista is R2:2013, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, meaning, we are permitted and certified to perform and process end of life services for all electronics. We also perform data destruction services on hard drives that comply with the NIST 800-88 / DOD 5220.22M and related industry hard drive destruction services. Data Vista is routinely and/or annually audited by certified registrars, as well as being recognized by the State of NJ / DEP for our good corporate environmental stewardship. The above services were provided at no charge to Mansfield Township Municipalities.

  • Bill Newns joins Data Vista as Chief Technical Officer…
    As CTO, Bill will provide leadership to enhance and support the company’s strategy and internal processes in support of developing new business opportunities. He will have oversight of the strategic direction and expansion of our marketing and product offerings. Bill will also focus on identifying target markets, creating new business models as well as building and strengthening our alliances and partnerships.
    With years of global solutions and product marketing experience, Bill has a proven track record of driving business results through innovative campaigns and building high-performance teams to support a wide variety of computer platforms and IT infrastructures.

  • NJDEP Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler (EPA ID # NJR986624401)
    On July 01, 2019, an inspection was conducted by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Hazardous Waste program at the Data Vista HQ facility. The inspector determined that Data Vista’s facility would be formally recognized for the voluntary and proactive measures taken in an effort to improve the environment. On December 12, 2019 a Certificate of Stewardship reflecting the Department's appreciation of Data Vista’s efforts has been presented to Data Vista. It is the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s intent to have this serve as an information resource where others may learn from or be inspired by your actions.

  • Data Vista is pleased to announce the purchase and opening of our new headquarters located in Bordentown NJ. Our new 30,000 sq foot facility is on 12 acres and will give us the ability to meet the demands of today, while enabling more efficient Operations with future growth and expansion.