The benefits of Data Vista's Portal:

  • Data Vista provides online asset tracking for existing and new assets, giving instant and secure access to all contract and equipment information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means a corporate user can log on, view assets at a glance, place service calls, plan renewals, and shop for better pricing – all on the same web site.
  • Keep track of all of your IT hardware assets – live 7x24. Know where everything is, or where it is supposed to be, who is responsible for that asset, and how much you are paying to maintain it.
  • Know when the contract renews, plan budgets, and do it all with Data Vista.
  • Contact the Data Vista Sales team today to find out how you can save time and money and make service easier! 800-797-3527 or 609-424-0570

Here's How to Works:

  • Data Vista eliminates these normally time-consuming inefficiencies through a single web portal. Our staff makes the processes of IT support agreement procurement, utilization, and renewals easier.

  • We enable clients to see all important contract information, place service calls, escalate service calls, look up call history, request equipment additions and deletions, and request supplies. Plus, our dedicated team of customer service professionals monitors every aspect of contract administration and service delivery – so, your team does not have to!

  • No longer will you have to navigate multiple websites or 800 numbers to manage your systems. Data Vista roll’s IT all into one seamless solution! Through our powerful yet easy-to-use Multi-Vendor Service portal, you can see important contract information, place calls, look up call history, track assets, and much more! It’s a proven value add with ongoing visibility into each of your systems - 24x7.

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