Maintenance Our goal Data is to assure customers that data will be eradicated from storage media so no confidential, proprietary, or otherwise harmful information will ever be exposed to unauthorized sources.


As storage media devices are decommissioned, re-purposed, or re-allocated, data must be effectively removed without traceable evidence from storage media. Data Vista uses the term “data destruction” to refer to any process where data must be removed by any appropriate process. Data Vista can destroy data on any of the following media:

  • Disk drives, any OEM and any disk technologies
  • Optical disk platters
  • Tapes
  • Cell phones
  • Solid State Devices

See Types of Data Destruction page for more details.


Data Vista works with customer business and security stakeholders to ensure company security policies are being met, as well our and our customer policies are in compliance with industry and or government standards. Documentation must also be available to ensure data destruction is properly recorded for audit and/or legal purposes. See Compliance page for more details.