Our goal is to provide equipment disposal options to include selling, re-marketing, re-purposing, recycling, or donating of equipment assets. We alleviate the customer responsibility to properly manage asset disposal when equipment reaches the end of its life. We collaborate with customers to achieve the following goals:
  • Establish business processes to dispose of equipment
  • Maintain corporate reputation
  • Recover value from retired assets

Assessment and Implementation

The decision of when to dispose of equipment is a financial decision that Data Vista can analyze on our customer’s behalf and provide recommendations. According to industry data, 46% of organizations blame improper disposal of damaged storage devices by third-party vendors as a top threat to sensitive data. See Assessment and Implementation page for more details.


Compliance certifications utilize strong environmental standards to maximize reuse and recycling for human and environment health, to ensure downstream safe management of materials, and require destruction of data on used electronics. Being certified, Data Vista is held to the particular standard by continual oversight by the independent accredited certifying body